About Us

In business since 1897, Wallace Sheet Metal has been the go-to company for custom manufacturing. Recent expansion and equipment upgrades have allowed us to expand our offering to include high volume production runs. Our value to our customers comes from more than one aspect of our business but from how well we do all of the small details that go into supplying your order. At Wallace Sheet Metal, we are not successful until our customers are successful.

Wallace is proud to be a leading precision metal fabrication company in Atlanta serving businesses in a wide variety of industries. Our highly trained staff and modern production facilities allow us to maintain exceptional quality control and produce parts with tight tolerances of just ±0.005.

Our company has invested millions of dollars into our facility and in training for our staff, which allows us to quickly produce a wide mix of parts. And our machinists have received cross training on our equipment to ensure we can quickly shift manpower and resources to whichever services our customers demand.

We utilize many industry best practices to help lower the costs of our services and meet the strict timetables modern tier 1 and tier 2 manufacturers require. We’re also able to further reduce the production costs and turnaround time of our customers’ sheet metal parts by offering turnkey product solutions, which include a wide variety of services in addition to basic sheet metal fabrication.

Our metal fabrication shop offers engineering support to improve your product�������s design, a variety of finishing processes and even assembly services, which simplify your supply chain and eliminates need to coordinate among multiple vendors.


CNC Laser Cutting

CNC Waterjet Cutting

CNC Forming: 6 Axis 175 tons


3-D Design with Solidworks


Plate Rolling